Versurile melodiei Lauryn feat. Sunrise Inc - Gypsy queen

duminică, 12 septembrie 2010

Dance like a gypsy queen
The sexiest you have seen
My chocolate skin
Takes the shape of your sin

Yes I got the flow,
You got the flow
My moves makes me got...
Me gonna rock all night
First your body, then my soul

I amaze all the time
I'm a damn belly dance machine
I'm the price of your game
Don't bet your luck cause I'll win
I tried to still your heart
You the clothes of me
Your plan may fail
So careful you must be

Come get me baby
I give you pleasure
When I'm acting crazy
When move it, I like
When shake it, am I doin' allright
When I turn around
When I touch the ground
You naghty boy like to play
Then you say: "you are a damn sexy girl"


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